3-year guarantee and certificate

Warranty and certificate for all our jewelry

At Milyki, we place the utmost care in the production of your jewelry. All items are handmade with the highest respect of quality standards and from the best materials. Each piece then undergoes a rigorous quality control.

Thanks to this commitment, we can offer you 3 year warranty against flaws or hidden defects, thus ensuring jewelry of superb quality.

In addition, your jewelry will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity from Milyki, detailing the item’s name and materials, stones or pearls that it is composed of. Diamonds larger than 0.3 carat will be accompanied by additional certificate from international and independent laboratories such as GIA, HRD or IGI.

certificats diamant

After this period of 3 years, Milyki will continue to service you and can provide an estimate upon request.

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