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4.75 / 5
Discover how the design and the remarkable quality of MILYKI customizable jewelry are appreciated by hundreds of women. See the reviews from our clients. Don't hesitate to share your own experience directly on the product page.

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Ring Charmante
Average Rating : 4 / 5
 | Reviewed by Tiffany From England
 | Added on: 16/03/2017

Superior Customer Service & High Quality Products

It took me some time to make decision before making my rather expensive purchase. Knowing they offer free return of the product, I thought that it was a big risk since I love this design very much. Well, I am not disappointed when I receive it. The quality is fantastic. I also want to say that their customer service is above expectation, I made my order a Friday night and I an problem from my credit card, I was afraid that I made double payment. But their customer service answered me on Sat morning and Jean gave me his personal mobile so we can verify and sort it out. At the end, there was no problem, but I feel helped and comforted by such great client service.

Ring Charmante
Average Rating : 4 / 5
 | Reviewed by Rachel From France
 | Added on: 12/03/2017

late delivery

My item arrived in 4 weeks instead of 3 weeks initially announced by email! They could have told me. But the ring is really nice and good quality.

Ring Audacieuse
Average Rating : 5 / 5
 | Reviewed by Sophia From UK
 | Added on: 05/03/2017

first online purchase experience with milyki

It was love at first sight. I long hesitated for going to online purchase of jewellery, but this was a good experience with Milyki. I did it because I really had this type of ring in mind but it was impossible to find it with pink color stones. So I didn't hesitate too long. Finally, very high quality product. The other designs are also really nice, maybe for my own Christmas gift.

Ring Souveraine
Average Rating : 3 / 5
 | Reviewed by Audrey From Danmark
 | Added on: 24/02/2017

not so happy

Ok, I understand that Milyki is all about customization, I admit this is great. My ring is good quality and the stones are nice like your website photographs. I order this ring 3 weeks ago and I was quite sad to see that it came in a cardboard box, I would expect to have in in a leather case or something much more premium quality.

Ring Epicurienne
Average Rating : 5 / 5
 | Reviewed by Misha From United States
 | Added on: 19/02/2017

Good quality et payment service

First time I bought something from MILYKI jewelry and so far so good. I love this beautiful ring. Despite many color stones offered for customization, I still prefer diamond with yellow ring. And I love the fact that I can used Paypal. I highly recommend. 2 thumbs up.

Ring Elancée
Average Rating : 4 / 5
 | Reviewed by Jess From USA
 | Added on: 03/02/2017

good experience despite long shipping

This ring has an elegant and heritage look and yet very modern, this is why I order it. Milyki did send me an email when they shipped the product but somehow it took 2 weeks before arriving making a total of 5 weeks before I receive the package. This is a bit long. On the other hand, I am not disappointed by the quality, I will really well made and it came with a certificate with details of all stones.