Sublimating women’s beauty

All jewelry of Milyki not only bear a hallmark certifying the gold content, but also our master hallmark registered with the Swiss Federal Control Office for Precious Metals to ensure maximum guarantee and certify the craftsmanship of Milyki’s workshops.

All our creations are made from noble material par excellence: gold. We chose to use only the 18 carat gold, which is an alloy composed of 75% pure gold and 25% copper and silver. This type of gold offers an ideal compromise between purity, sturdiness, surface smoothness and colour.

To satisfy your taste and style, for each masterpiece you can choose from three colours of gold: the traditional yellow gold, the chic white gold or the delightful rose gold. These three types of gold have equivalent quality; while the colour is obtained by proportions of copper and silver alloy. Milyki will choose the tone of gold for your jewelry only according to your own preferences and desires.

Like major jewelry brands, at Milyki we apply rhodium on all our jewelry after manufacturing. This layer protects it against exterior elements and provides sparkle and shine. In this way you will have the guarantee of a jewel without scrapes or scratches - always with a shine like a new one. If necessary, the rhodium may be renewed after few years in order to give your jewelry its original lustre.

Yellow gold

When thinking of gold, it is the golden colour that automatically comes to mind. This is the most traditional type of gold and the closest tone to that of pure gold.

It is possible to find very bright tones of yellow gold on the market, however, at Milyki we have chosen a softer alloy with pastel tones more in line with the current style.

Often preferred for engagement and wedding rings, it offers the advantage of keeping its colour intact with the passage of years. Yellow gold is also suitable for many jewelry designs, giving a touch of distinction and elegance. It goes particularly well with olive and tanned skin tones.

White gold

This alloy is particularly appreciated in the West and naturally has a rather grey tone. At Milyki, we apply a layer of rhodium, making the colour more radiant and the jewel even more dazzling. If the shine of your white gold jewelry slightly reduces with time, it is still possible to revive it again with rhodium.

Due to the purity of colour, white gold is suitable for all skin types. It can emphasize all gemstones and is easily combined with any outfit. White gold is the ideal alloy for a jewel that will accompany you in your everyday look as well as in special occasions.

Rose gold

This was once the least common colour, but in recent years it has become very trendy for its originality and soft tone. Rose gold can adopt several tones: from the most discreet to almost yellow and more assertive hues. At Milyki, we have chosen a deep pink that is clearly distinguished from yellow gold.

Another advantage of rose gold is that it is very resistant, even more scratch resistant than platinum

The rose gold jewelry is characteristic for its feminine, romantic and rebellious style, playing with the harmony of this duality. It is also the colour of love par excellence. Rose gold combines very easily with all kinds of colours and gemstones.