Collaborative design

Innovative concept of jewelry collaborative design

Collaborative design

From customization...

The key aspiration of Milyki is to offer high quality jewelry that resembles you. To achieve this, we left the mass production trail to focus on your individual expectations. Our idea: to offer you fully customized and bespoke jewelry. This is evidenced by our concept of “Collaborative Design”.

Thanks to the “Collaborative Design” you will free yourself from rigid deals and dogmatic selection typical of traditional brands. We undertake to offer a range of designs created by our designers-jewellers. They serve as a basis for you to unleash your creativity and you will also enjoy combining colours, materials and gemstones to suit your desires.

We offer unique experience that goes beyond a simple purchase where you will have the privilege of participating in the creation of your own jewelry. The craftsmanship of our jewellers will merge with your tastes for a sublime outcome - an intimate and unique jewelry that will complement your style and evoke your personality.

Which version has been chosen by our fans and clients?
Which version has been chosen by our fans and clients?? collaborative design and tailored made jewelry

This concept has been developed beyond the simple customizable models which are already available on the online boutique.
We invite any jewelry lovers to join our community on our official social media pages in order to experience this true collaborative design.

Participate, comment, influence and vote for your preferred style and design of the upcoming models…or you can simply ask us to make your one-of-a-kind dream jewelry.
We promise we will make it.

MILKYI is the first jewelry brand which conceives and imagines its future models with its clients from the early prototyping phase. We are proud to create with you.